Crest Whitestrips

Crest™ "Supreme" Professional Whitening Strips

Extra strong for "power" whitening. Use at home, take them with you when you go travel! These are small pouches of teeth whitening gel strips than do not need mouth trays and you simply fold them over your teeth and use them for 30 mins. They are micro-thin and very comfortable to use. 

These are the "professional" range for power whitening. Offers superior tooth whitening results.

These are professional *dentist/patient grade* teeth whitening strips. Ingredients: 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. (Extra Strong)

Crest strips come in small pouches that contains 2 strips in each pouch. You simply peel off each strip and fold them over your top and bottom set of teeth. It could not be easier!

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Crest™ Supreme Professional Whitening Strips

Crest Whitestrips Supreme dentist strengthIf patients want professional dentist grade strips these a..