Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What strength to use?

A) HappySmile 35% ULTRA-HIGH strength is in our no sensitivity formula so you can get power whitening results with less wear time- it is very fast and less gel is needed. Lower strengths are least popular as they take too long to whiten teeth and people want to have speedy results with the shortest weartime. Do you really want to spend hours wearing a dental tray?? Order HappySmile 35% are top selling and most popular dental product.

Q) How long does the bleaching effect last?

A) The bleaching effect will usually last 3 months then you simply do a touch up when needed.

Q) Do you GUARANTEE the HappySmile brand?

A) YES we guarantee the HappySmile brand.

Q) Can you use dental peroxide if you are pregnant or are nursing mother?

A) No it is best not to do this during these times.

Q) Is tooth bleaching safe?

A) Yes. When you use the brands we supply as they are tested.

Q) Can I only use dental peroxide to whiten teeth?

A) You can only use dental peroxide to whiten teeth and is a proven fact. Non-peroxide tooth whitening systems do not work. You can only deep clean enamel using "dental peroxide" as it is the "oxygen" that lifts out the deep dental stains. HappySmile systems are proven to work

Q) Can I use dental bleach on crowns, dental fillings, bridges etc

A) Yes, but remember dental bleach will only whiten natural teeth and will not bleach crowns or fillings. Dental peroxide will not damage crowns or fillings etc.

Q) How white will my teeth be after dental bleaching?

A) You can experience upto 12 shades+ lighter. It is a gradual process over 14 days. You can finish the course earlier if you have the level of teeth whitening that you desire. The stronger the bleach the faster the results!

HappySmile 35% (ULTRA-HIGH) Strength is very fast acting if you need to see results very quickly then this works FAST!

Q) How do I store HappySmile dental peroxide?

A) Dental peroxide is heat-sensitive so you need to keep it in a cool place such as the fridge but please do keep it away from small children.

Q) How long does the dental bleach last?

A) The dental peroxide we supply has a shelf life of at least 1 year and up to 2 years depending on the product.

Q) What happens if I swallow any dental peroxide?

A) If you swallow any dental peroxide it will not affect you.

Q) Does dental bleaching have any side-effects?

A) The only side effect is temporary sensitivity and the HappySmile brands are the most gentle products that are available.

Q) How can I prevent sensitivity?

A) Purchase the HappySmile brand! 

Q) I have some uneven whitening where some parts of the enamel is not bleaching?

A) Do not worry as this is normal and will even out as you do a full course.

Q) How does dental bleaching work?

A) Dental peroxide causes "oxygen" to deep clean the enamel.

Q) How long will it take for my teeth to get white?

A) Usually it is for 30 mins (regular strength) for up to 14 days. If you use our HappySmile 35% ULTRA-HIGH strength then it is just 10 mins per application for up to 10 days.

Q) What should I do if I get any gel onto the gums during the whitening treatment?

A) Simply use a damp cotton bud to remove any gel.

Q) Does dental peroxide damage the gums?

A) No.

Q) What are the benefits of whitening my teeth using HappySmile?

A) HappySmile dental peroxide not only whitens teeth but the peroxide kills dental bacteria and it is the bacteria that causes tooth decay. 

Q) What is more popular Polanight or HappySmile?

A) 4 out of 5 customers choose the HappySmile brand. The HappySmile 35% (advanced) product is our top dental seller. 


Dental Shopping Questions:

Q) How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A) Despatch will take place on the next working day from placement of your order.  Your items will arrive in approximately 6-10 working days.  All items are sent by recorded mail unless you specify when ordering to send via normal post.  You will see a comment box during the checkout process where you can add a note.  Simply select the dental products and add it to your shopping cart!


Q) How is my order sent?

A) We send your dental order by recorded Royal Mail. Delivery is FREE in the UK.

Q) What is your privacy policy?

A) We post your dental order under plain cover and no branding or markers are on the envelope. We offer a very discreet service as we respect your privacy.