Getting Started


HappySmile. Professional Tooth Whitening Made Easy.

This page will give you all the information you need to whiten teeth the professional way. This is the complete guide to all that you need to know to get started. Simply follow all these easy to understand step-by-step instructions. If you need any further help or support then please contact our customer services.

You MUST Keep All Dental Gels in the Fridge or Cool Place.


How the HappySmile Dental Procedure Works in (3) Easy Steps:


HappySmile carbamide and hydrogen peroxide - twist off cap at the end of the syringe tip, save this cap to recap the syringe tip.

HappySmile Pro+ Calcium - pull off white syringe cap and twist on mixing tip. After use dispose mixing tip and replace syringe cap.

Apply an even dose of the whitening gel all around the inside of the dental tray. (The inside of the tray that will go onto your front of your teeth.)

STEP 2. Wear the dental tray for:
10% CP HappySmile – 2 hours
16%CP HappySmile – 1 hour
22% CP HappySmile – 30 Minutes
35% CP HappySmile – 10 Minutes (Very Fast)
6% HP HappySmile – 30 Minutes
9.5% HappySmile – 15 Minutes

27% Pro+ Calcium - 15 minutes - can be worn longer for additional calcium benefit.

(This dental procedure is done for 10 to 14 days if it is for a new full course treatment.)

STEP 3. When you have finished wearing your dental trays then simply take them out of your mouth and gently remove the gel from your teeth using a soft tooth brush with water. You also want to use the soft tooth brush to gently clean your dental trays to remove the gel under a cold water tap and then you simply dry off your trays with a clean tissue.

Please ensure you always use a soft toothbrush during the professional tooth whitening procedure.

After this tooth whitening procedure you must only drink water or milk and not to consume any food or smoke this is because the dental enamel is still open and would re-stain.

Simply wait (2) hours and then you can carry on as normal.

When you follow these (3) easy steps you will soon restore your teeth back to your natural whiteness!


HappySmile Tooth Whitening Tips:

Do not rush treatment. Do not overload the trays with the gel.
Keep the dental gel stored in the fridge or cool place.
Do not use any type of mouth wash during the course of treatment.
If you get any gel onto the gums during treatment then simply remove it with a wet cotton bud.
Sometimes you will find that during tooth whitening it can be patchy where part of the enamel is not as white as the other part and this is normal and will even out as you do a full course of treatment.
Do remember that the professional dental bleaching effect does not last for ever so you will need to apply more applications every 3 months or when needed. We supply smaller packs for top up treatments.
Lower strength gels take longer to whiten teeth than stronger strength gels. Higher strength gels "speed" up the procedure.
(Please contact our customer services department if you need any more help and advice on HappySmile dental products.)Thank you for purchasing HappySmile Dental Products. 


HappySmile (Instant) Dental Trays:

Blue 1.5mm Outer Tray/White 1.0 mm Inner Tray
Custom fits in warm water
Disposable outer tray
White material is more rigid than EVA materials
Can be trimmed with scissors or a dental burr to the gingival margin
Front tab for easy forming in warm water
BPA-free, PVC-free, Latex- free, no Phthalates

HappySmile trays are perfect for an instant dental bleaching tray that can be made at home. We supply the original HappySmile trays that are known for the highest quality. You can also purchase a set of these whilst you are waiting to have your custom fit trays made by our dental lab. You will not find a better instant dental tray as these were developed to be used with dental peroxide.

How To Make HappySmile Instant Tray Instructions:

Step 1 Brush and floss your teeth.

Step 2 Boil the water in a kettle and pour 300 ml into a large bowl or cup. Then leave to cool for a full five minutes or until the water reaches 70 degrees centigrade, which is around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. But do be careful as boiling water can scald and is very hot. Try not to get the water too hot !

Step 3 Secure the white thin tray inside the coloured tray and whilst still holding the handle, submerge the combined trays into the water try to make sure the whole mouthpiece is submerged up to the handle. Then shake the trays to remove any air bubbles that may be present.

Step 4 - Slowly wave the mouth trays in the water until the handle becomes soft and flexible. You will notice a slight loss of shape as they collapse.

Step 5 Remove the trays from the water after about a minute and test for flexibility. The material should be soft enough to mould against your teeth. Use a finger to check. If not, re-submerge the trays in the water until flexible enough.

Step 6 Holding by the handle, insert the trays into your mouth making sure that your teeth are midway between the walls of the white tray.

Using your fingers, form the tray by pressing firmly against your front teeth first and then up towards your gums. Remove your fingers and try to suck the water out of the tray, while it is still in your mouth. This will make it conform to your teeth better. As the dental tray cools it will tighten over your teeth. At this stage you should bite lightly on the tray and loosen it off once without completely removing it.

Step 7 Once the dental mouth tray has cooled in your mouth, which takes about 3 minutes simply remove the dental trays. Separate the white tray from the coloured tray. The white contoured tray is the custom fitting dental tray that will be used for home teeth whitening.

Step 8 If the mouthpieces extend too far over your gums it can be uncomfortable. Simply cut off any excess material with sharp scissors. Smooth over any sharp edges by reheating in warm water and applying finger pressure. Remember that your mouthpieces needs only to cover your front eight or so teeth as these are usually the only ones that only need whitened. Snipping off the back of the section of the mouthpiece may make it more comfortable to wear.

Step 9- Rinse mouthpieces with COLD water.

Step 10 - Repeat the process for your lower set of teeth.

End of the process.